Consumers, officials react to AL Gov. gas price gouging deceleration

Consumers, officials react to AL Gov. gas price gouging deceleration

ALABAMA (WTVM) – A state of emergency has been issued for Alabama making it illegal for anyone to gouge gas prices. Officials and consumers are speaking out.

The announcement is coming from Alabama Governor Kay Ivey as Hurricane Harvey is making a mark across the southeast.

Governor Ivey made the announcement about gas price gouging after some stations have seen prices rise over 30 cents in just hours.

Now, drivers are hoping to see prices fall.

Oil refineries in Texas and Louisiana are experiencing temporary interruption in the production and distribution of petroleum products impacting pump prices coast to coast.

Prices are jumping more than 30 cents in some areas of Alabama in just a few hours.

Gas stations are seeing long lines to fill up – some even running out of gas.

Officials are urging drivers to stay patient as the recovery and rebuilding stage is settling in.

"What we need to do is buy as little gas as possible over the next few weeks until these refineries get back to normal operating procedures and then our prices should come back down again," says Clay Ingram with AAA Alabama.

Governor Ivey says while the State of Emergency puts pressure on gas prices, it does not "justify the imposition of unconscionable prices during the period of a declared State of Emergency."

Governor Ivey is not the only one looking for an answer to this crisis.

President Donald Trump is also deciding to tap into oil reserves to hopefully get some relief for drivers.

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