People in the Valley preparing ahead of Hurricane Irma

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As concerns and uncertainty regarding Hurricane Irma begin to grow, people in the Valley say they are taking no chances on the projected path of the storm.

"I wanted to go ahead and get like a case of water, some batteries, some canned good, you know, things that can last," said Ginger Mendoza, during a quick stop at the grocery store.

Some people, like Ginger, only adding a few extra items to their list of preparations, while others preparing for the absolute worst.

"I have family coming in from Florida, but I'm just preparing and trying to get extra just in case for the worst. Just getting it now, just in case, something bad does happen," said Stephanie Brown.

Officials say it's best to prepare early, keeping an emergency bag handy, nonperishable foods in tow, batteries, first aid kits, and all medicine up to date.

In case of emergencies, officials also urge people to keep a full tank of gas.

With Hurricane Irma still days away from U.S. landfall, the effects in the Valley are still not clear.

People in Columbus taking precautions to prepare early.

"I'm not really nervous, just thought it wouldn't hurt to have a few things on hand," said Mendoza.

"Always just better to be prepared, prepared for the worst," said Brown.

Some stores in the Valley, including Target and Home Depot have already reported water shortages ahead of the storm.

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