Texas pastor leaves Columbus, returns to Texas for Hurricane Harvey cleanup

(Source: Jason Dennis/WTVM)
(Source: Jason Dennis/WTVM)

(WTVM) – One week after we showed you a youth pastor from Texas evacuating to the Chattahoochee Valley, he's back home now.

No clean water in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey forced youth pastor Jimmy Banks and family out of their home, so they ended up 700 miles away in Columbus, staying with his brother, fellow youth pastor Joe Banks from Solid Rock Church.

Jimmy Banks has driven back to Beaumont, taking some video of the destruction and cleanup, saying the smell is hard to describe. He and many others are helping at homes where people lost everything. He says the need is great.

"This particular home took on 6 feet of water, so we're just getting everything out, air out some stuff. Spirits are up here in Texas, but in the midst of that, every one of these homes has these piles of possessions just on the curb," Banks said in a video he sent News Leader 9.

The flooded Praise Church in Beaumont, where he is the Next Generation Pastor, is now completely gutted, everything salvageable out in their parking lot.

Banks says it's beautiful to see so many people sharing a Godly love with others. He adds that they lost a building, but didn't lose their church, which is stronger than ever.

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