Columbus property tax controversy continues

(Source: Jose Zozaya/WTVM)
(Source: Jose Zozaya/WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Columbus City Council getting back to business Tuesday by discussing the ongoing property tax assessment controversy.

The Columbus Tax Assessor's Office updating council members and the public on where they stand with appeals.

Even with these updates, city leaders heard the finance department's suggestion to take out a temporary loan, known as a tax anticipation note, to cover city expenses for the rest of 2017.

"This tax anticipation note would be to fill in for that $25 million that we may or may not get from October 1 to December 1 is that a correct statement," said Councilwoman Judy Thomas.

"What you're explaining is the plain and simple way, in my understanding, to explain this," said Columbus City Manager Isaiah Hugley.

The TAN loan would cover the tax revenue the city usually collects around October, but circumstances may force the council to take out this line of credit.

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