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EXCLUSIVE: MCSD releases new statement after story on teacher allegedly using racial slurs

(Source: Chandler Morgan/WTVM) (Source: Chandler Morgan/WTVM)
(Source: Chandler Morgan/WTVM) (Source: Chandler Morgan/WTVM)
(Source: Chandler Morgan/WTVM) (Source: Chandler Morgan/WTVM)
(Source: Chandler Morgan/WTVM) (Source: Chandler Morgan/WTVM)
(Source: Chandler Morgan/WTVM) (Source: Chandler Morgan/WTVM)

A Columbus family is speaking out after a Muscogee County teacher allegedly used a racial slur towards their daughter. 

Nathan Frazier and his wife Equisha say their 9-year-old daughter Harmonie was acting unusually quiet during a car ride home from school in early September when the Fraziers asked her what was wrong.

“She said another student said to her, she’s glad that she's not black. She's glad she's white and not black like them," said Nathan.

Harmonie, a fourth-grade student at Reese Road Elementary in Columbus, according to the Fraziers, explained she and two other students were having a discussion in P.E. class when the student allegedly made the offensive remarks.

Nathan said Harmonie and the two other students rotated back to their homeroom teacher’s classroom when one of the involved students told the teacher about the conversation.

“The thing that really really shocked me was when the teacher leans into the girls and she kind of caressed my daughter’s face and says ‘Oh you’re a beautiful girl, but at least she didn’t call you a dumb black and the ‘n’ word… When my daughter told me that I was completely shocked," said Nathan.

The Fraziers said once they learned about the alleged incidents they reached out to the school's principal and had a sit-down meeting addressing the allegations.

Nathan claims the principal explained the teacher did admit using the alleged racial slurs, but the Fraziers said they are concerned the alleged situation left a damaging imprint on the student’s views.

“She hurt my daughter and the other young lady while enabling the other little girl to continue doing it. To our knowledge they haven't really done much of anything about it," said Nathan.

On Thursday, Septemeber 14, Muscogee County School District Superintendent Dr. David Lewis sent this statement regarding the situation saying:

"We are aware of the allegation, but as you know we cannot comment on personnel matters. As with any allegation regarding school personnel, our principal, region and Human Resource Department conducted a thorough investigation and followed up as appropriate."

On Friday, September 15, Dr. David Lewis provided "a more complete statement" from Chief of Human Resources, Kathy Tessin:

“Muscogee County School District does not tolerate racial slurs or discriminatory behavior  by anyone in our organization.  In instances where such behavior is determined to have occurred, disciplinary action is taken.  As an employer, and in accordance with Board Policy GAE, the District investigates any such allegations and takes appropriate disciplinary and corrective action but does not disclose the specifics regarding personnel matters. The principal of Reese Road Elementary, Katrina Collier-Long,  East Region Chief Dr. Ron Wiggins,  representatives from the school district’s Division of Human Resources and Kathy Tessin, Chief Human Resources Officer, have been part of the investigation process since the complaint first came to us on September 7th, and appropriate personnel action was taken regarding the situation.”

Since the MCSD deemed this as a private personnel matter, they have not mentioned any disciplinary action, if any, will be taken.

“For a child who doesn't see color, she just sees people. It just hurts. It hurts a lot," said Equisha.

The Fraziers have since pulled their daughter out of Reese Road Elementary by choice and coordinated with the district to send her to a different school.

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