WTVM Editorial 9/16/17: Companies help after the storm

(WTVM) – When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, or Hurricane Irma thrashed her way across Florida and even into our neighborhoods, we know the American Red Cross will be there, so will the United Way, the National Guard, local police, medical professionals, and so many other first responders and care providers.

We can never thank them enough for what they do.

But sometimes overlooked is the financial and emotional support given to employees by the very businesses also left devastated by the hurricane.

In Houston, did you know that a chamber of commerce survey found that the average Houston business had at least 15 percent of employees substantially affected by the massive flooding?

Many of those companies have stood up and stood behind their employees, to help get them back on their feet.

For example, a chemical company called Covestro is helping some employees survive the next few months by lending them a vehicle, or arranging for them to get a furnished apartment, and maybe most important of all— giving them time off to deal with insurance companies and contractors as they rebuild their lives.

One of Covestro's employees told the Wall Street Journal that he couldn't believe the company he works for would be willing to be so generous.

Other employers are letting their people work from home.

Some companies are providing hands-on physical help; like tearing out damaged drywall or flooring so repairs can be made.

A Baton Rouge business called Amedisys, that helped their employees during flooding a year ago, says they are just now getting back to normal.

The CEO of that company says the money they spent to assist employees with counseling, finding contractors and other help, has paid off in loyalty and a very low job turnover rate.

So, when you hear someone call corporations heartless, think of what's happening in Texas and Florida.

Even in the middle of utter devastation created by hurricanes, there are many companies proving they have a heart because good companies know their people are their biggest asset.

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