Columbus resident from Dominica concerned about family affected by Hurricane Maria

As Hurricane Maria barrels down in Puerto Rico, it leaves behind devastation and destruction on other islands throughout the Caribbean. 

The Commonwealth of Dominica was one of the islands hit the hardest. 

A Columbus woman from the island says she's been trying to contact her entire family there since Monday but hasn't been able to. 

Caryl Martin is listening to Hertz-Armstrong-Marconi radio or HAM, which is a service that allows people to talk around the world without the internet or cell phone service. 

Martin says that she hasn't been able to speak to her family since Monday night due to all forms of communications being down.

She says her entire family lives on the Island where Hurricane Maria hit Dominica with top sustained winds of  approximately160 miles per hour.

Martin is continuing to pray in hopes of talking to her family.

"There's still no communication with my loved ones. It has left me with a void and a broken heart and like I said I have to be strong I have to pick up the pieces. I have to continue because I know my family needs me," says Martin. 

Hurricane Maria is the strongest storm on record for the island. Many roofs were ripped off homes including the home of the Island's Prime Minister. 

She says this would be the second time rebuilding her parents home since Tropical Storm Erika in 2015. 

Martin is pleading with the community to band together and raise items that will benefit the island and its people.

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