Columbus Government Center courtrooms closing for repairs, expect possible delays

(Source: Chandler Morgan/ WTVM)
(Source: Chandler Morgan/ WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Courtrooms at the Columbus Government Center are shutting down on a rotating basis for the next several weeks according to Superior Court Chief Judge Gil McBride.

"On any given day at least one or more courtrooms a day will be out of commission," says Superior Court Chief Judge Gil McBride. "They will all be taken out of service for a week or so at a time on a rotation that hopefully will end around November 9."

McBride said changes will start in a few days for an extended period.

"All of the courtrooms are located on the upper levels of the government center, except for the probate courtroom, which I am told will not be affected," says McBride.  "But the rest of the courtrooms starting on the seventh floor through the eleventh floor will all be affected."

"So we are having to double the remaining portions of the building,' says McBride.

McBride says it's all part of a system-wide upgrade and repairs to the building's heating system. A repair much needed, according to McBride.

"The current system dates back to when the building first opened and you know, nothing lasts forever," says McBride.

McBride says repair crews are working both during the week and on weekends to complete the upgrades.

"There will not be any delays. All scheduled court will continue as scheduled it will simply take place in different locations, so the public lawyers and other persons should be sure to check in with the clerk of superior court to make sure to know where court will be held on any given day," says McBride.

To contact the Superior Court Clerk's office in the government center and other departments, click here.

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