Inside the Huddle: Manchester's extra inspiration on the sidelines

(Source: Paul Stockman/WTVM)
(Source: Paul Stockman/WTVM)
(Source: Paul Stockman/WTVM)
(Source: Paul Stockman/WTVM)

MANCHESTER, GA (WTVM) – Manchester is off to a 4-0 start— one of the best in the area.

The Blue Devils are certainly playing inspired football and it's one of their teammates on the sidelines that's bringing them that inspiration.

Manchester's 2017 team has great on-the-field leadership, but perhaps their best motivator is someone that doesn't play on Friday nights.

Markelron Mosley, known simply as "Mo" by his teammates, doesn't suit up on Fridays. That's because he was recently diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome, a disease that requires a kidney transplant and cut his football career short.

"Me and him are tight, so when I heard the bad news I was sad for him too because this is his senior year and I know he wanted to play," said Jontavious Ferguson, senior linebacker and tight end

Knowing their teammate couldn't join them on the field any longer, the Blue Devils dedicated their season to Mo with helmet stickers and field paintings— taking him on the field with them every play.

"We're out here grinding for Mo, so we should get this win for him Friday, we're doing this all for Mo," said JT Waller, senior defensive lineman and offensive guard.

"They rallied behind him. They want to support Mo the best they can. He's a blessing to our team, a blessing to our community and the kids are behind him," said Head Coach Evan Hochstetler.

While Mo waits for a much-needed kidney transplant, he still helps on gameday as a team captain for the coin toss.

Perhaps his biggest contribution is inspiring his teammates.

"He makes me strong because I could be in his position and I don't think I could take it like he could take it so. He really showed me how to be strong when something isn't going your way," Ferguson said.

"Mo lives by treating people the way he'd like to be treated and I think that's coming back on him right now, so he's always treated people with kindness, and people are treating him with kindness," said Hochstetler.

While Mo continues his fight, the team fights for him every Friday night under the lights.

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