WTVM Editorial 9/24/17: Impatience is the wrong way

(WTVM) - A few weeks ago, a traffic bottleneck developed on the JR Allen Expressway, going westbound, around 6:30 on a weeknight.

An accident caused the standstill, a fairly common occurrence. Those are the times that patience is required as our emergency responders do their duty and clear the accident from the road.

But I was stunned to see drivers, with no patience, turning around to go the wrong way back down JR Allen, and the wrong way back up an entrance ramp, to avoid waiting a few minutes in a traffic jam. I took these pictures to share it with you.

It wasn't just one or two cars, but dozens. And then even more. Making dicey U-turns, crossing medians and using on-ramps as their exit ramps, or using the shoulder, needed by emergency vehicles, for their escape. Taking stupid chances.

As soon as a few drivers did it, more followed blindly, thinking it was okay to just reverse course, on a one-way highway! To get out of the line of cars waiting to proceed when the accident was cleaned up.

Police were busy doing that thankless task, so of course, there were no officers watching this parade of wrong way cars and trucks, no one to stop them from making their dangerous decisions.

It's another example of the "all about me" driver. They think their inconvenience is so unfair it entitles them to break the law.

Was anyone hurt by their selfish actions? I don't know. But why take the chance? Was it really worth it?

I don't think so. I waited another five or six minutes and the traffic started moving again, just like it always does, if you're patient.

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