WTVM Editorial 9/24/17: Heroes after the storm

(WTVM) - More than a million residents all around us lost power due to tropical storm Irma, but thanks to the quick response from Georgia Power, Alabama Power, and other local utilities, homes all over our two-state region quickly had their power restored.

It was an amazing feat. For many of us, power was restored in just a matter of hours.

To illustrate just how quickly Georgia Power worked, as of the Wednesday after Irma's Monday whirlwind, Georgia Power went from 800,000 customers without power to just over 300,000.

Some customers suffered longer, more than a week in some rural areas, but our power companies wasted little time – even calling in mutual aid from as far away as Indiana to come down to assist with power restoration.

Entire gymnasiums in some communities were used to house linemen while they worked around the clock to get the power back on.

While it's frustrating to ever be without power, remember these linemen, the heroes after the storm, who risked their lives, and continue to do so whenever there is severe weather and dangerous winds. They focus on getting the lights back on, working day and night, and we think they are never given the praise they deserve.

Even today, long after Irma is just a memory for us, the linemen are still out there, working to trim trees around power lines and upgrade equipment as needed to help lessen the chances of future power outages down the road.

So if you see a power crew, remember what they did after the storm. Give them a thumbs up to thank them for the work they do to keep us safe and out of the dark.

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