Columbus family alleges MCSD teacher used racial slurs towards student, pushes for policy change

(Source: Muscogee County School District Code of Conduct)
(Source: Muscogee County School District Code of Conduct)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Nathan and Equisha Fraizer decided to pull their fourth-grade daughter Harmonie out of Reese Road Elementary after they say a conversation between Harmonies teacher and several students included racial slurs.

"The teacher leans into the girls and she kind of caressed my daughter's face and says 'Oh you're a beautiful girl, but at least she didn't call you a dumb black and the 'n' word… When my daughter told me that I was completely shocked," said Nathan.

As News Leader 9 previously reported, according to the Fraziers,  Harmonie and two other students were discussing race and appearances when the teacher allegedly responded with inappropriate language.

The Fraizer's say during a meeting with the family, the Reese Road Principal explained the teacher did admit using the alleged racial slurs. However, in a response from Superintendent Dr. David Lewis, the incident was investigated. But the teacher remains employed at the school, according to Fraizer. The family says they want the school to implement a "Zero Tolerance Rule."

"It will get rid of that mindset of enabling," said Nathan. "Those who think it's okay now because, hey, [the teacher] got away with it."

As listed in the district's code of conduct, section 4B, the district claims they "will take appropriate action against any personnel who retaliate against any person who reports an incident of alleged sexual, racial, ethnic or disability-related discrimination, harassment or violence…investigation or hearing relating to such harassment or violence."

The Fraziers said just as the school has a zero tolerance for bullying, drugs or guns, the district should add a zero tolerance racial discrimination policy too.

"There should be no form of racial slurs on Muscogee County School District policy," said Equisha.

News Leader 9 has reached out to District Communication, requesting a follow-up interview regarding their policies with teacher disciplinary actions and termination policies.

So far, we have only heard back from attorneys representing the district.

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