Columbus resident finally communicates with family in Dominica after Hurricane Maria

(Source: Caryl Martin)
(Source: Caryl Martin)
(Source: Caryl Martin)
(Source: Caryl Martin)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus resident originally from the Island of Dominica is happy after getting the chance to speak with her loved ones who live on the island where Hurricane Maria hit as a Category 4 last month.

Caryl Martin's family is safe and happy to be alive on the island of Dominica was devastated by Hurricane Maria.

That hurricane ripped through the island September 19th.

Once worried and concern Martin, finally got the chance to speak with her family after not being able to for several days after the storm hit.

She says her parents who are in their 70's faced massive damage to their home.

Martin says although it's going to cost some major bucks to renovate the home, she's just happy to hear her parent's voice and know they're safe.

"It took me 9 days to actually speak to my parents and words couldn't describe how I felt that was a big sigh of relief just hearing their voice and they telling me they're ok. I know they are fighters and they're going to make it. There are lots of setbacks but we have to take it one day at a time," says Martin.

Taking it one day at a time is exactly what Martin and her family plan to do as they prepare to repair all the damage their home sustained during the hurricane.

Martin says the entire roof was ripped off the home leaving all furniture and appliances exposed to the outdoors.

Martin says thankfully her parents evacuated to another relatives home before the hurricane hit last month.

She says material items are far less important than the life of her parents.

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