WTVM Editorial 10/10/17: Jesus Campos is a hero

(WTVM) - By now, everyone on the planet knows the name of the twisted mass shooter in Las Vegas, Stephen Paddock.

His story will eventually be known as police meticulously piece his life puzzle together.

But there is another, lesser-known name that is a much more important person than the shooter.

That would be a man named Jesus Campos, a Mandalay Bay security guard, unarmed except for a nightstick when he was on duty last Sunday night.

Jesus Campos was the first to locate the shooter's room. he alerted police and drew fire from Paddock, taking the maniac's focus off the concert crowd he had been killing for several minutes until Campos arrived.

Jesus Campos was hit in the leg by a bullet - doctors plan to remove it later, for medical reasons. Campos says he was just doing his job.

During his visit to Las Vegas to meet some of the shooting survivors, President Trump said Campos "did the right thing" and praised every first responder for bravery.

We say it a lot, but it can't be said enough.

When bullets are flying, first responders like Jesus Campos run toward danger not away from it.

Most people are like gentle sheep with no capacity for violence.

Stephen Paddock was the opposite, a wolf, a violent, evil man. Jesus Campos was the sheepdog, ready to confront the evil wolf to protect the flock.

It's a well-worn analogy and in this case, it's exactly what happened.

We need more sheepdogs like Jesus Campos.

Luckily, the lasting story of the Las Vegas killing spree will not be the shooter, it will be the heroic sheepdogs: all the first responders like Jesus Campos, and ordinary citizens who jumped into action by instinct and intelligence.

They understood what was happening and tried to do something to fight it. the many lives they saved are the proof they succeeded.

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