WTVM Editorial 10/10/17: The right decision

(WTVM) - Doing the right thing and doing it quickly is always the sign of good leadership.

The Muscogee County School District, under the leadership of superintendent David Lewis, did the right thing last week, by firing a school bus driver who inadvertently left an elementary student on his school bus.

The school district wasted no time in investigating the late September incident. The child was found safe and suffered no injuries.

But the school district's policy of every driver doing a complete walkthrough of the bus at the end of his route was violated.

No walkthrough happened.

It's not just school policy, the state department of transportation requires a driver walkthrough, too. every time.

The driver made a mistake, but the school district wasn't interested in his intent, his remorse or whether he would do it again.

The district didn't need to know anything other than the driver did not follow policy.

The school district's number one job is to protect students and when one of its own employees fails to do so, the only remedy is termination.

We support the Muscogee County School District's quick action to resolve this issue and also to send a clear message that rules are rules and they exist for a reason.

Walking through the bus, such a simple, common sense requirement, is non-negotiable. Any bus driver who can't follow the rules deserves to be fired.

We think the school district made the right decision, for the right reasons.

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