City of Columbus' Planning Department host meeting to discuss future plans

(Source: Jeremy Hayes/WTVM)
(Source: Jeremy Hayes/WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – The City of Columbus' Planning Department looking to the public Thursday night in an open meeting about the city's future.

The meeting focusing on plans for future parks, school, shopping centers, and transportation along with anything else someone wanted to discuss. The planning department offered PowerPoint presentations and times to ask questions to discuss concerns.

Many different leaders from various councils like transportation attended the meeting to give a guide on where the city should go.

"The message is that our future really does matter. What we say here today and the next several weeks is that we are going to establish how are we are going to grow with the community and where we want to go with the community in the next five years," said Rick Jones, Director of Planning for the City of Columbus.

The meeting also mentioned the cost of certain improvements like building a park, which will most likely come from taxpayers.

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