Georgia gubernatorial candidate to hold bump fire stock giveaway

Part of an AR-15 Bumpfire stock. (Source:
Part of an AR-15 Bumpfire stock. (Source:

(WTVM/CNN) – Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Michael Williams says he will give away a bump fire stock to show solidarity with gun owners across the nation.

The devices, which are also known as bump stocks and allow semi-automatic weapons to fire at a rapid pace, became the focus of a public debate on gun violence in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting. The shooter used bump stocks to increase the carnage, authorities have said.

In an interview, with CNN, Williams added there is "zero evidence" to suggest a ban on bump stocks would prevent gun violence deaths, saying "liberals and Hollywood elites" were attacking the rights of Georgia gun owners.

Williams' views are at odds with some in his own party in Washington, including House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Concern over the use of bump stocks spans across political parties. Florida Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo introduced legislation earlier this month restricting the use of the devices, and regarding examining the legality of the devices, Ryan said that "clearly, that's something we need to look into."

The National Rifle Association has said the devices should be subject to further regulation but said it is opposed to a legislative fix.

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