WTVM Editorial 10/24/17: Mo Mosley: Role model

(WTVM) - Pro football may be grabbing all the headlines recently, too often for the wrong reasons.

It sometimes seems like college and high school football games are more pure, played for the love of the game.

In high school football, the Friday night game ritual has a special place with fans; the athletes work so hard and the competition is always tough.

One student-athlete in particular who loves football and dreamt of one day suiting up for the Crimson Tide is Markelron Mosley, of Manchester High, who we recently profiled in a special sports report.

He can't play football anymore with his fellow Blue Devils because he needs a kidney transplant.

That's a heavy burden for anyone, much less a young high school senior.

But that's what makes Markelron, known as "Mo" such a fine young man and an excellent role model.

He still attends practice and wears his jersey to games, supporting his teammates when he could easily give in to the disappointment of never playing again…and the fear of a life-changing operation.

His dream of football glory is now replaced with dreams of owning his own business.

"Mo" Mosley is facing his medical future with the emotional maturity and peace of a much older man.

His ordeal is only part of his story. The best part is how he plans to go forward, meet his challenges and create a successful life for himself despite his severe kidney disease.

Bringing Mo's story to you is one way we can help him celebrate life and thank him for being such a great role model for all of us.

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