Day 6: Closing arguments begin in Double Churches murder trial Wednesday

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Closing arguments begin Wednesday in the murder case against three men accused of gunning down a man at Double Churches Park.

Derain Waller, Jacquawn Clark, and Akevious Powell are accused of killing Demonde Dicks Jr. at the park in 2016.

Prosecutors rested their case Tuesday by connecting the three defendants to the "Blood" criminal street gang. Defense attorneys argued that being affiliated with a gang does not mean the men committed a murder.

Wednesday was the last chance for attorneys to argue their case before the jury. Prosecutors using that time time highlight what they say is undeniable evidence.

"Everybody knows what the word 'kill' means, I submit to you when later on he says 'how are you going to do it?' He meant how are you going to kill him," said Lead Prosecuting attorney Don Kelly.

Defense argues the state did not fully follow through with investigation.

"Fingerprints, blood evidence, DNA.. we need something to help prove what their theory is," said Defense attorney, William Kendrick.

Prosecuting attorneys say incriminating evidence in text messages alone is undeniable.

"You heard in the texts, 'I'm fixing to do him, and tell Sosa to bring me to your house.' Those are things that are evidence of their intent to the malice in this case," said Assistant District Attorney, Mark Anthony.

The three suspects face charges of murder, armed robbery, and gang charges if convicted.

Deliberations are set to begin Thursday morning.

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