WTVM Editorial 10/30/17: Eddie was a gift

(WTVM) - This editorial will be less than two minutes– hardly enough time to remember a remarkable man who gave WTVM 56 years of his 76-year life.

His name is Eddie Bland and he worked behind the scenes as a commercial production photographer for WTVM and WXTX since 1961.

He passed away last week at the age of 76 after a short battle with cancer.

It's amazing to think that Eddie worked at WTVM for 56 of the 64 years the station has been in existence.

From the day Eddie started his career, he was unstoppable.

Eddie never took a sick day and he took pride in that. He always worked hard, because to Eddie, everything he shot, first on film, then videotape, and finally on a tiny camera card, had to be first rate. He'd do anything to get a good shot.

Our clients mattered to him and each one deserved his best effort and he never failed to deliver.

But WTVM wasn't his whole life. He had a wonderful family and many close friends who loved him.

He owned Bland's Discount Warehouse in Valley, Alabama, where you could find almost anything you needed for your home at a great price.

Eddie even had a nearby bridge dedicated to him, to mark his community contributions.

Besides his work ethic and generous spirit, Eddie showed us how to enjoy life.

We could never repay Eddie for the gifts he gave us: mostly his energy and his happy, positive presence, every day, right up until the end.

Eddie Bland's spirit will live on at WTVM. He was a big part of WTVM and who we are as a station.

No one will ever match Eddie's devotion and dedication, not because he was the longest-tenured employee at WTVM, but because he was quite simply a very special man.

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