WTVM Editorial 10/30/17: Tax relief works

(WTVM) - Did you know that the number one film location in the world in 2016 was Georgia?

It's a fact.

Georgia ranked first, beating, in order: The United Kingdom, Canada, and California, including Hollywood.

Film and TV production is now a $9 billion a year industry for Georgia and what makes it work is Georgia's commitment to tax breaks.

The state gives back about $600 million a year in tax breaks to lure production companies here.

It's a tax policy that obviously works.

If tax reform in Washington is successful on almost any level, the results for the US economy as a whole would probably be just as impressive.

There's no question any kind of reasonable tax cut works to simulate consumption which creates a cycle of supply and demand and job creation.

In Georgia, the film industry tax breaks have resulted in the creation of 25,000 jobs.

Meeting part of that job demand is Columbus State University, now preparing students to get well-paying jobs in film production with a curriculum that results in a Georgia Film Institute certification or a more advanced degree.

The production itself, needing food services, hotel rooms and more, is a big boost to the local economy. And that's just one production.

So, if tax breaks for TV and movie producers can work to stimulate Georgia's economy to the tune of almost 10 billion dollars, imagine what ordinary and necessary tax relief for individuals, and businesses, could do for the rest of us.

If Washington can get it together and come up with less burdensome tax rates for businesses and individuals, it's easy to imagine a script about a super-charged economy with a happy ending for everyone.

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