Got leftover Halloween candy? Here's how to recycle those unwanted and unwrapped goodies

(WTVM) - Although the thrills of Halloween are over, you may still be reminded of the holiday by the loads of candy you picked up with your kids while trick-or-treating.

Sometimes Halloween candy is hard to get rid of and can easily make it well into December. Rather than throwing it away,  you can recycle your candy.

Giving candy to a charitable organization is one way to recycle those sweet treats. You can send it to troops overseas through Operation Gratitude, Operation Shoebox or Soldiers' Angels.

Also, many dentists will accept candy through a buyback program where you'll get toothbrushes, coupons, and sometimes cash in exchange for candy.

Another neat way to recycle your candy is by putting it out with your Thanksgiving spread next month.

Also separating it and baking it into a cake or dessert is another way to use that candy while spicing up your holiday recipes.

Here's a list of websites where you can donate your unwrapped candy:

Operation Gratitude

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