Inside the Huddle: Troup County High Tigers

(Source: Paul Stockman/WTVM Sports)
(Source: Paul Stockman/WTVM Sports)
(Source: Paul Stockman/WTVM Sports)
(Source: Paul Stockman/WTVM Sports)

TROUP COUNTY, GA (WTVM) – Troup County is in a great spot for the final game of the season as they play for a potential region title, they can owe a large part of their success to their quarterback.

Paul Stockman goes In the Huddle with Montez Crowe and shows why it's a numbers game for the Troup leader both on and off the field.

Before he became the big man on campus, Troup County quarterback Montez Crowe had to become a big man.

"He was one of the first guys I met when I got here three years ago, he was a J-V quarterback, skinny little rascal, said Head Coach Tanner Glisson.

He's certainly grown up since his sophomore season: 6'4", 210 pounds. As the measurements get bigger, so do his passing numbers— more than 5,000 yards in just two years as starting QB.

"He's really dedicated himself and through hard work, has become one of the best passers in Georgia," said Glisson.

Crowe certainly knows how to put up numbers, he's also a guy that likes numbers. He said math is his subject and there are some similarities between solving problems in the classroom and solving them on the gridiron.

"If you do it and you get it wrong it's your fault, you can't blame no one else, it's your fault. Quarterback you have to be a leader. If something goes wrong you have to be able to say that's on me. You can't look at anybody else, everybody's looking at you already," said Montez Crowe, Senior Quarterback

There's no division in this team, Troup's 8-1 and knocking on the door of a region title thanks in part to Crowe's leadership.

"I like to be a leader, and make sure things go through me / if something goes wrong, I'll say that's my bad and we'll get them next time," said Crowe.

"He'll look after you like he's your brother. Me and him have known each other since the first day of sixth grade," said Seth Adams, Senior Center

"He's very mature for his age, it's like dealing with an assistant coach or an adult," said Glisson.

Troup added Crowe to the offense, he's multiplied their wins, and perhaps it'll equal success this Friday night.

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