Inside the Huddle: Schley County ends playoff drought

(Source: Paul Stockman/WTVM Sports)
(Source: Paul Stockman/WTVM Sports)
(Source: Paul Stockman/WTVM Sports)
(Source: Paul Stockman/WTVM Sports)
(Source: Paul Stockman/WTVM Sports)
(Source: Paul Stockman/WTVM Sports)

SCHLEY COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - Playoffs get underway in Alabama and Georgia this week, and for Schley County, it's uncharted waters. It's the first time they've made the postseason in nearly a decade.

Football practice in November is a sight not often seen in Schley County.

"Right now, I'd be practicing for like track or something, just getting rest or something, but no, we're still practicing football, so it's awesome," senior offensive lineman Wade Rodgers said.

Teammate James Baker agrees.

"I play basketball too, but it's still football season if you ask me," Baker said.

It's the first time Schley's made it to the playoffs since the Bush administration.  They last played in the postseason in 2008.

"I was little when all that was going on and I remember coming to the games and I looked up to those guys," Rodgers said. "Now doing it now it's awesome. It kind of gives me chill bumps."

Two seasons ago they were winless, 0 and 10. Now, they're postseason bound, thanks to a new coach and a new attitude.

"Everybody's committed," senior running back Calvin Sims said. "The passion here is incredible."

Rodgers also played on that 2015 team.

"From that team, nobody was committed and it showed," he said. "We only had 20-something people. On this one, we have 50 strong and it's been the same throughout. Committed people all the way through."

They've completed the goal of making the playoffs, now it's about staying there. These Wildcats aren't ready to call it a season yet.

"Nothing changes," Baker said. "Still grinding, still out here working, practicing every day."

"We're going to give it everything we've got from the first quarter through the fourth quarter," Sims said.

"When we go to the dance we're here to dance," Rodgers said.

They're dancing alright, and they hope to keep the music going as long as possible.

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