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Student helps save 18-year-old woman shot in face

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A Georgia State student is being credited with saving the life of an 18-year-old woman who was shot in the face inside a student housing facility. The shooting happened inside the Westmar Student Lofts in West Midtown Tuesday night.

The teen victim remains in the hospital.

The student, who is now being hailed as a hero for stepping in after the shooting, says he's moved out because he no longer feels safe.

“Instincts kind of kick in at a certain point,” contended Jamar Austin.

The Georgia State student is now staying at home in Fayetteville with his parents while looking for a new place to live.

“I was in my room and I heard a gunshot…and I heard a young man say, ‘Oh I didn't mean to…I’m sorry,’” recalled Austin.

The pre-med, third-year student looked outside his room and into the communal kitchen. Austin saw a girl laying on the floor in a pool of blood with a bullet hole in her jaw and jumped into action.

"Went back to my room to retrieve my phone and called 911 as I was grabbing a towel, and I wrapped my finger around in the towel and kind of put my finger in the bullet hole to stop the bleeding and applied pressure," he recalled. 

The 18-year-old woman was someone Jamar had never even met before.

“I just looked at it as if I was in that situation, I would hope somebody would do the same for me…I do have hopes and dreams to be a physician one day,” Austin stated.

In October, CBS46 interviewed Austin for a much different reason. Once again, he jumped into action and did what he thought was right, walking off the job as a valet at Houston’s restaurant amid claims of racial discrimination at the restaurant.

“The numbing factor of knowing that a gun has been discharged in the vicinity of your child, there's no words for that,” argued Tamika McLester, Austin’s mother.

Austin’s parents say while Tuesday night was frightening at first, it once again proved they raised their son to do the right thing in a difficult situation.

“To look at him and see that he stepped up in such a courageous way is impressive and it make you proud,” McLester added.

Austin went to visit the 18-year-old young lady he had never met before Tuesday night in the hospital Thursday. Austin said she was thankful for all he did to help save her life. 

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