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KSU student complains of mold, water leaks in off-campus apartment

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A Kennesaw University student living in an off campus apartment complex is complaining of mold and water leaks in her apartment.

The Blake Apartment Complex is in walking distance to KSU's campus but some people who live there tell CBS46 that is the only good thing about the complex.

Maeghan Duckett's problems at the Blake started in August 2016. When she notified maintenance of brown watermarks on her baseboards, she says all management did was paint over the marks. But in August 2017, she saw the water.

"We see my entire baseboard is soaked, the walls are wet," said Duckett.

She says it took management two weeks to respond. They cut into her neighbor's wall and found what appeared to be mold. CBS46 took photos of the area and showed them to a mold expert.

"What I'm seeing in that picture is definitely images that show mold," said J.D. Ortega with No Mold Atlanta.

The residents were told the damage was from a leaky ice machine. Duckett demanded to be moved into a vacant apartment. She says she found mold there too.

"There's potential mold in that apartment. It's filthy, the baseboards are rotted, it's disgusting," said Duckett.

The Blake gave Duckett a week of free rent for September and comped her October rent. They also paid for her dog to get boarded. Duckett says it's not enough.

"It's like, graduation is December. I'm still living out of boxes," said Duckett. "Still living out of boxes. And then here and there I get sick. And it's not like I've been trying to blame it on them but it's because of the stress. I'm tired."

The Blake is owned by Letter9 Apartments. We were given this statement from officials at the complex:

"The well-being and comfort of our residents is our top priority. As soon as this isolated issue was reported to management, every action was taken to correct the situation. After being informed of a small water leak, The Blake paid for the resident to stay in the hotel of her choice before relocating this individual resident into a four bedroom unit. The community also covered the moving costs, comped a month and a half rent and paid for the resident’s pet care fees.  

The impacted unit has since undergone repairs by an expert in water and mold issues, and precautionary renovations were completed to ensure the issue did not impact any surrounding units. Tests by outside experts, which were provided to your station, indicate that the residence is safe and free of any of the issues in question. 

As mentioned previously, extraordinary accommodations, many that are above and beyond industry standards, were provided to assist the affected resident. In lieu of the above accommodations, the resident was also offered the opportunity to terminate her lease without penalty, which she declined, citing that she enjoyed living in the community and was considering renewing her current lease.

Any implication that this situation was not taken seriously and promptly addressed by the community management team is simply untrue."

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