Columbus voters react to sexual assault allegations against Rep. Calvin Smyre

(Source: Jehmu Green/Twitter)
(Source: Jehmu Green/Twitter)
(Source: Howard Franklin on behalf of Calvin Smyre)
(Source: Howard Franklin on behalf of Calvin Smyre)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Voters in the Chattahoochee Valley are responding to the latest sexual assault allegations of a political figure.

Fox News Contributor, Jehmu Greene accusing Smyre of sexual assault in 1996 at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. These allegations coming in the form of tweets

Greene alleges Smyre of pushing her up against an elevator wall and touching her inappropriately.

Following the alleged revelation, people in the Chattahoochee Valley are sharing their thoughts on the alleged incident.

"Allegations are pretty serious. You don't want to discredit the victim or anything like that, but kind of wants to wait for a little bit more information to be given," said Darius Prather, of Columbus.

Mixed reactions from people in the Columbus community over the latest sexual assault scandal to rock the Chattahoochee Valley. Some people questioning the allegations, while others are in disbelief.

"I've worked at Synovus for many years, and been in contact with Calvin, a gentleman and just every stretch of the word gentleman, so, I really don't believe it," said Guenda Leonard of Columbus.

"Okay, so if Roy Moore is guilty until proven innocent then Calvin Smyre is too," read one WTVM Facebook comment.

Maria Hearth, a victim advocate for the sexual assault support center in Columbus says she's not surprised by the recent outpour of allegations in Hollywood, politics and even locally.

She says the idea of sexual assault is still very much taboo.

"We know it happens more often than we like. We also know it's the most under-reported crime. We know it exists, and we know people aren't talking about it," said Hearth.

Smyre did respond to the allegations, In a statement from his attorney, it reads in part:

"I do plan on defending myself against these false charges. My legislative record reflects my strong support against sexual assault and for issues facing women in our society."

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