New sexual assault accuser comes forward against Roy Moore

(Source: WTVM File)
(Source: WTVM File)
(Source: WTVM)
(Source: WTVM)

(WTVM) - "I was terrified… he was also trying to pull my shirt off. I thought he was going to rape me," said Beverly Young Nelson.

Beverly Young Nelson is the newest person accusing Roy Moore of sexual misconduct coming forward Monday– making that 5 women that are making the allegations against the Alabama U.S. Senate candidate.

Nelson wants a hearing where she and Roy Moore will testify under oath.

Moore's campaign responding calling all the claims a witch hunt against Judge Roy Moore, also saying the campaign will pursue all legal options against these false claims and Judge Roy Moore will be vindicated.

An Auburn University professor is weighing in on how this type of lawsuit would play out for Roy Moore in a courtroom.

"With a public person, the requirement to prove malice or reckless disregard that is a difficult level to prove it's not just if the information is correct but involves the intent of the publisher," says Ric Smith.

The publisher, being the Washington Post, who says these 4 different stories told by women who had encounters with Moore are backed up with numerous sources and on-record interviews.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey saying if the election were today here's how she would cast her ballot.

"Based on what I know now, yes I'll vote for him but we don't have the facts there might be some more facts to come out," Gov. Ivey says.

Beverly Young Nelson also provided a piece of evidence Monday, her high school yearbook that Roy Moore had written a message in and signed it in part "love, Roy Moore."

Alabama Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Doug Jones' campaign says "We applaud the courage of these women. Roy Moore will be held accountable by the people of Alabama for his actions."

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