EXCLUSIVE: Fox News contributor accusing GA Rep. of sexual assault shares new details

(Source: Jehmu Greene/Twitter)
(Source: Jehmu Greene/Twitter)
(Source: Howard Franklin on behalf of Calvin Smyre)
(Source: Howard Franklin on behalf of Calvin Smyre)

We spoke with Greene on the phone from Washington, D.C.

Greene says she's disappointed in Smyre's reaction to her tweets describing the alleged sexual assault.

If you'll remember, Greene tweeted Friday that she was allegedly sexually assaulted by Smyre at the 1996 Democratic National convention in an elevator when she was a Program Assistant at the Center for Policy Alternatives.

Smyre followed releasing a statement denying the alleged incidents, claiming he has been sober since 1993 and would have been well aware of a situation of such.

Greene explained she feels as Smyre should take responsibility for his alleged actions.

"I mean quite frankly I think, its accountability. It's about accountability,' says Greene. "To know that he was sober and did that only enrages me more. I certainly would have accepted an apology and he chose not to offer one and that's cowardly."

Greene also sending a message saying: "All these years, I excused my silence with the thought that he had been drinking that night. Him being sober shouldn't make it worse but that's the world we live in."

Greene continued saying it isn't uncommon for women to be put in these types of situations, where they are allegedly sexually assaulted, at conventions including the democratic national convention.

Representative Calvin Smyre has released the following statement in response to Greene's allegations:

"I stand by my statement, which speaks for me. I've recently been made aware of an accusation of sexual misconduct. Ms. Jehmu Greene accused me of touching her inappropriately after a night of drinking during the 1996 Democratic Convention. I have not consumed any alcohol since 1993 and I am not the person who touched her. I don't doubt the sincerity of her recollection or the legitimacy of her pain. However, my record reflects a strong opposition to sexual assault and support for issues facing women in our society."

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