GA Power helps to minimize scams through Utility Scam Awareness Day

(Source: WALB-TV)
(Source: WALB-TV)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - You'll never guess what Georgia Power is doing on Wednesday, Nov. 15. They're trying to save you the money and hassle that comes with phone scams that are more prevalent this time of year.

To help minimize scams targeting utility customers, Georgia Power is declaring today Utility Scam Awareness Day.

Ashley West, a spokesperson with Georgia Power, says most scammers will demand a payment in person at your home or business but that's not company policy.

If someone does show up at your door,  remember it's easy to spot a Georgia Power employee.

They'll be wearing a company uniform, a badge and driving a company car.

Also, customers should be wary of phone calls demanding a payment by phone.

West also says she's already seen scams hitting the state.

The people who are most vulnerable are the elderly and those with language barriers.

To report this scam, click here.

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