WTVM Editorial 12/1/17: Auburn's smart security

WTVM Editorial 12/1/17: Auburn's smart security

(WTVM) - Two huge nationally broadcast public events both went off without a hitch last week.

You may not think of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade as being connected to the Iron Bowl, a thousand miles away.

But they are connected, both because of the highly trained security experts you never see – and because some of those experts come from Auburn.

When Auburn won the 82nd Iron Bowl last Saturday, beating Alabama by 12 points, it was the biggest event on campus the entire year.

Thanks to the foresight and constant planning by the City of Auburn and Auburn University, extra security was on hand to make sure the event would be a day to remember – for the right reasons.

Even after ecstatic Auburn fans flooded the Jordan-Hare Stadium field by the hundreds, there were no violent incidents. The only negative outcome was the SEC's fine of Auburn for a quarter of a million dollars for letting it happen.

And even as the oaks at Toomer's Corner got rolled, the city stayed safe and protected, by dedicated law enforcers seen and unseen.

A few days before the Iron Bowl, The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade – always one of the largest public events of the year, went along according to plan. The excellent security provided that day was due, in part, to an Auburn University connection.

Among the highly trained and dedicated first responders patrolling the parade route were 14 Labrador Retrievers, many of them trained at Auburn's College of Veterinary Science, to sniff out explosive particles – before a bomb can go off.

Those special skills can thwart terrorists, keeping big events safe.

So, all of us should pause to reflect on the many precautions, the intricate planning and the skill of the men and women of Auburn – both the city and the university – for their hard work in keeping major public events happily moving along.

They don't want you to notice them because that's part of their security strategy.

But that doesn't mean we can't thank them and support them for being there whenever we need them.

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