Muscogee County property tax deadline is Friday, how to avoid penalties

The hours are counting down for property owners in Muscogee County to pay their tax bills.

Before sending off a payment, that's due today, you'll need to be aware of a few rules.

Officials at the tax office say that you can take a look at your property tax information online, but you are not able to make payments on their website.

The office is also not accepting any prepaid or gift cards to pay those bills.

The tax office is only accepting payments in person or by mail to the Muscogee County Tax Commissioner.

Deputy Tax Commissioner David Brit says there are penalties that you could face if you don't submit your payments by December 1st.

"Taxes are used to operate the city and the school. If they don't pay by Dec. 1, then interest does occur on Dec. 2. It's roughly half of a percent," says Brit.

The address of the Property Tax Office is 3111 Citizen Way in Muscogee County.

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