Former girlfriend of murdered Auburn football player testifies

(Source: Parker Branton/WTVM)
(Source: Parker Branton/WTVM)
(Source: Parker Branton/WTVM)
(Source: Parker Branton/WTVM)

OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) - The murder trial of a man accused of killing an Auburn University football player three years ago resumed Wednesday.

Twenty-five-year-old Markale Hart is accused of the shooting death of Jakell Mitchell at Tiger Lodge Apartments in Auburn in 2014.

Hart admits to shooting Mitchell but says it was self-defense. Prosecutors are questioning if Hart was acting in self-defense since he walked away from the incident without a scratch.

Two different types of gun shells were found at the scene, according to Auburn police. One was from a Smith & Wesson and the other was shells from a .45 caliber.

The defense attorney claims one of the casings was from the stolen gun Mitchell was carrying at the time he was murdered. The .45 caliber that was allegedly used by Mitchell was presented as evidence to the jury Wednesday.

Three witnesses testified Wednesday, two of them did not see the shooting but heard it and one attempted to drive Mitchell to the hospital after he was shot.

The former Auburn football player's former girlfriend was the only one out of the three that saw the incident happen.

She claims Markale fired first and Mitchell was left for dead.

"Markale shot Jakell, Jakell stumbled down after he tried to get back up, then Jakell tried to get back up and grab his gun and shoot back but he fell again and Markale kept shooting and ran," says Ayanna Huguley.

Huguley also testified Mitchell shoved her out of the way just before the shooting happened. The defense claims autopsy reports show alcohol in Mitchell's system at the time of his death.

Tyrone Rowe is a name that has been said frequently in the courtroom during the case so far.

Rowe is a cousin of Hart and is said to have been in a verbal argument with Mitchell before the shooting. The argument moved to the parking lot, where a detective previously testified both Hart and Mitchell were armed with weapons and exchanged gunfire.

Rowe has not been seen in court and there's no word yet if he will be called to testify in the case.

An Auburn police officer ended the day on the stand going over bullet trajectory and evidence found at the scene.

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