Drivers in the Chattahoochee Valley urged to take precaution on slippery, freezing roads

The drop-in temperatures we're seeing mixed with rain can be scary for drivers especially if you're not accustomed to driving on wet slippery roadways.

If conditions continue to worsen we could see dangerously invisible sheets of black ice form on roads—especially on overpasses and bridges.

Roads were wet and slippery this morning when a Muscogee County School Bus slid off the road in a muddy area.

Six students headed to Mathews Elementary slid off the road into a muddy area this morning and luckily no one was injured.

The districts Communications Director Mercedes Parham said they want to prepare and prevent incidents like this.

"The on-going training includes thing like working through inclement weather or rainy weather conditions or anything that presents a hazard. We also take extra steps for precaution before each route goes out in the morning and afternoon to check treading on tires, that is another precaution that is very helpful")-said Parham

With these slippery conditions accidents are more likely to happen.

Simply Slowing down, leaving early to allow more time, and no distracted driving by staying focused can prevent dangerous accidents.

Parham says they even advise their drivers to slow it down and keep enough distance than required between the cars in front of them.

This is advice any driver can use.

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