Jury heats up behind closed doors in Markale Hart trial

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Things are heating up among jury members in the trial for a man accused of killing an Auburn University football player.

Jurors are now deliberating for the second day to determine if Markale Hart killed Jakell Mitchell in self-defense.

The question was raised today whether Alabama's stand-your-ground law protects Hart's actions because he defended himself and his cousin when the shooting happened.

The defense pointed out that law does protect someone whether they are defending themselves or someone else. However, the prosecution is arguing that point of the law was not brought up during the trial. Therefore, it can't be introduced now during deliberations.

Judge Christopher Hughes addressed the jury today after they said they are not making any progress and things are getting hostile behind closed doors. "Thank you for your note which reads, 'we are not getting anywhere and it is getting hostile...' We are nowhere near the stage where you should consider this to be any kind of stalemate," said Judge Hughes.

Deliberations are expected to continue Tuesday at 9 a.m. CST. Judge Hughes instructed the jurors to continue to look at the evidence and consider arguments presented during the trial.

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