AL voters talk change, in hope Doug Jones takes the win

(WTVM) - Pollsters are saying Jones hopes to rally the African-American vote.

One huge component of his campaign is putting away the people responsible for the 1963 bombing of the 16th street Baptist church in Birmingham, killing four black girls.

Jones is looking to take the win over his opponent Roy Moore who is facing sexual misconduct and assault allegations that Jones has spoken out on several times.

Several voters say they want change, and they want to see Doug Jones representing their state in Washington.

"I think Doug Jones has a clear record, so go Alabama for Doug Jones," said one voter.

"Get somebody in there that might be a little more progressive and not keep us in that backward state of mind, so yea I voted for Doug Jones," a voter said.

If Doug Jones wins he will be the first Democrat to represent Alabama since Howell Heflin in 1997, making that 20 years ago.

"Well I'm supporting Doug Jones and I'm hoping he wins because of everything that's going on in the world today. I hope he really gets into office."

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