AL election saw much higher voter turnout than expected, county officials say

Local county officials in Alabama say they saw a much higher voter turnout than expected in this Alabama special election.

Even some of the less populated counties like Barbour County saw increases.

The general increase in numbers can be accredited to the national attention this election is getting. Lee County Elections Manager Robert Garris says it's a good thing people are getting out and making their vote count in this election.

"This particular election had a lot of national media attention in coverage and so, as a result of that, I think we saw a little bit higher turnout than what was originally projected for it,” explained Garris.

Both candidates, Roy Moore and Doug Jones said turnout would crucial for their campaigns.

Election officials in Lee County say they expected around twenty-five percent of voters to cast ballots in a special election. The numbers havent been finalized on what percentage of voters came out, but they are expecting the final numbers to well surpass that.

“Based on my observation at various polling places. I believe it's safe to say that our turnout would be higher than the 25% projected by Secretary of state prior to this election,” said Garris.

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