WTVM Editorial 12/15/17: Pence rule is smart

(WTVM) - Back in 1948, when the Reverend Billy Graham started traveling the country as a famous evangelist, he decided he would always avoid situations that would put him at risk of compromise, such as being alone with a woman who was not his wife.

Back then, it was called The Graham Rule. When Vice President Mike Pence said he lived by the same rule, many people laughed.

It seems quaint to think about it now. But it was just last April that Pence let it be known he had rules for not dining alone with other women or not being at functions serving alcohol if he was unaccompanied by his wife.

Critics laughed at the Pence Rule.

It turns out, it's a pretty smart idea, and had Harvey Weinstein or Matt Lauer done the same, they might not have had the opportunity for their piggish and criminal behavior.

But of course, that assumes that Weinstein and Lauer even have the character of a Billy Graham or a Mike Pence, which clearly they don't!

Morals and ethics need to be taught to all men and women when they are little boys and girls. The simple lesson should be to treat everyone with respect, all the time.

Part of the lesson is that there are consequences to less than ideal behavior. Losing your career is only one consequence...jail can certainly be another.

The point is, when people of any gender consistently treat other people with respect and dignity, inappropriate actions are much less likely to happen.

Let's hope it doesn't take another generation for the Graham - Pence Rule to be learned.

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