Georgia mayor protests on cemetery

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A mayor in Georgia is protesting his own city government by boycotting city council meetings.

Mayor Rufus Davis accuses the city of Camilla of segregational and discriminatory acts.

He says Camilla is 70 percent African-American, but says there are no African-American police officers.

Davis also says the city charter was approved for the city manager to have more power and responsibilities.

He even claims that there's a fence segregating the local cemetery.

"All blacks that have ever been buried are buried there. There are no records, so if you had a relative that was buried on that side unless someone could show you where their body is buried, you would never find out," says Davis.

However, other city officials say this isn't true.

"Whoever they are, if they come in here, we're not going to discriminate based on race," says City Manager Bennet Adams.

Mayor Davis says he will continue his protest until city council makes changes, while already retaining an attorney for possible litigation. ??

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