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Random act of kindness, cheers up a single mother of four


A single mother of four children was left in shock when a strange man paid for her vehicle registration sticker that's been expired for six months.

Samantha Bingham, the mother of four, said after getting a citation she saved up money to finally get it renewed.

When renewing, she was asked if she's been driving around with an expired sticker and she responded 'yes' and said the reason she hasn't renewed is as a single mother all her extra money goes to her kids.

That's when a kind man jumped in from behind and payed for it in full. 

"His act of kindness helped me greatly," Bingham said. "It's something that I will never forget, even when I'm old and have dementia. I will always remember that act of kindness. If he's watching I want to tell him Merry Christmas and I hope that God pours blessings upon him."

Bingham said his action brighten up her day and reminded her that there are still kind people out in this world.

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