Columbus company employees claim months without pay

Employees at Complete Facilities Management, a local custodian company in Columbus, say it has been over two months since they were last paid.

CFM is no stranger to financial issues. The company faced similar financial issues last year.

Ahead of the Christmas holiday, employees say they have exhausted all their options and are demanding answers.

"I want my money," said a former custodian who wants to remain anonymous. She says she is still waiting for three paychecks dating back to September.

"I only got paid one check. She owes me for the check September 30th, and she owes from October the 15th, October 30th and November 15th. I have not gotten paid for all those times. Three paychecks, my total add up to like $607 dollars that she owes me," said the former custodian.

News Leader 9 attempted to reach out to the owner of CFM multiple times, Lisa Rabon, but her numbers no longer in service, and has moved business locations.

Last year, a teary-eyed Rabon spoke with News Leader 9 citing an IRS audit as the reason employees were short checks, but promised to find the money and to resolve the issue.

"I appreciate them and I thank them for all their service and work they've done and I will make sure that they are paid at all costs," said Rabon during a 2016 interview.

As the situation becomes more consistent, employees both past and present are demanding answers from the owner and an explanation to what is going on within the company.

"I was being nice. We were cleaning the buildings when she didn't have no money, doing it out of kind heart. That's the kind of people we are. I want people to keep up to your promise and pay, pay up."

The Department of Labor started an investigation into the business last year.

Several employees have already quit and are considering legal action.

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