Columbus community speaks out on the city's crime increase

Columbus' homicide rate is nearly double the rate of last year, and it’s raising concerns for people in the community.
Some folks are even comparing the city to Chicago where the murder rate is skyrocketing.
"I refer to it as little Chicago. This city is becoming more and more violent every day. People seem to have lost their way. They have no regard for human life anymore," said Christine Burke who is a range manager at Shooters.
Burke went on to say that getting a firearm is the only surefire way to make sure you're safe in Columbus.
"In all reality, unless you own a gun you won't be able to defend yourself," said Burke. "They don't care. They're going to come in shooting."
Employees at Shooters say that they have seen many customers come into the business to buy and train with weapons after shootings happen in Columbus.
One Columbus native said that he bought his weapon after being robbed.
"Me personally, I had my own incident like a year and a half ago," said Shaquille Brown. "Some people robbed me in Atlanta, and ever since then I bought a pistol. And have been training."
Burke also stated that people have lost their way in Columbus and that the city is growing more and more dangerous with little regard for human life.

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