EXCLUSIVE: Columbus man speaks out after woman returns stolen Christmas packages

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Just days before Christmas, a Columbus family shared home surveillance video of a thief stealing presents right off their front porch.

Since that time, the video has gone viral on social media, and the thief returning for a second time.

"I've had the cameras up, and there's something that's there, I haven't paid attention to them in years!"

But for the for the first time, those cameras came in handy for David Whorton, capturing the moment a woman came to his home not once, but twice.The second time with one of the packages that was previously stolen in hand.

"2 a.m. is not really when you want someone to pull into your driveway, but you know, we did get a package back," said Whorton.

The surveillance video captured the moment as the car pulled into the driveway, followed by a woman getting out of the car, and placing a box on the front porch.

Whorton says during both visits, everything happened in a moments time.

"I timed it both times, 30 seconds. It's so fast, even if I had an alarm, by the time I got to the door, they would have been gone," said Whorton.

Whorton says he believes the Grinch who almost stole Christmas maybe had a little bit remorse.

The woman has since been identified by police, and a warrant has been issued. Whorton credits the large help of social media.

"A few people said, hey I know this woman, and things kind of took off," said Whorton.

Whorton says only one of the two packages was returned, but he will continue to use his surveillance cameras more than ever just in case another Christmas Grinch makes an appearance.

"It's pretty obvious, I had wires that hang down, I did that on purpose, but it didn't bother her, maybe in the future people will think twice about it."

Police still encourage people to file police reports if they are a victim of porch thieves.

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