Columbus residents concerned with pet safety after dog caught in coyote trap

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - New concerns mounting by Columbus pet owners after a dog is caught in a coyote trap.

The dog is okay, but many people wondering about the traps and how to prevent an accident from happening again.

"We move the traps daily, but they are 30 to 35 feet away or farther in wooded areas. They are all humane traps that hold the animals' paw," said Jarrod Yasenchok, of Jarrod's Pest Control.

Residents of trapping neighborhoods are expressing concern after the dog was reportedly caught, but Yasenchok says the traps do not harm or injure animals in any way.

The professional trappers have moved from using caged traps to leg traps. These type of traps are said to be more effective at catching coyotes than cages, in which trappers believe coyotes have learned to avoid.

"People are under the assumption of the bear trap with claws, these don't have claws, they have rubber jaws, and when it closes nothing punctures the skin," said Yasenchok.

The city of Columbus does have an active leash law, requiring all pets to be on a leash in public parks,

Signs are being placed in various locations including Heath Park, Windsor Park, Green Island Hills, and Overlook neighborhoods.

In the Heath Park area, there are reportedly over 10 traps set up.

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