East AL reacts to Senate certification, Moore's lawsuit

(WTVM) - A challenge filed by Roy Moore late Wednesday night was denied hours later by a Montgomery County Circuit Judge.

Moore claimed three experts told him they believe there was voter fraud in the Senate election and asked the certification be postponed until a thorough investigation is complete.

"I think he should give it up, personally I think he should give it up...he lost he just needs to give it up and let it go… sorry," said two Smith Station residents.

The people of east Alabama say the election spoke for itself in who they wanted to represent the state in Washington D.C., however some feel Judge Moore wasn't given a fair shot.

"Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and I don't believe he has tried to find out one way or another," said a Smith Station man.

The election was certified shortly after 1 o'clock today making Doug Jones the newest United States senator. Jones calling Moore's attempt in blocking the certification  'a desperate attempt' by Roy Moore will not succeed.

"The election is over, it's time to move on." One East Alabamian agrees with Jones.

"The people of Alabama have spoken, he should retire and get out of the spotlight! Alabama no longer needs or wants him and his extreme views," says Jason Price.

Another says Moore should continue on.

"He's taken a polygraph, while I've heard nothing else from the accusers. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't like Washington money coming in here influencing our elections,"  said Jud Sanders from Valley.

Moore released a statement hours after the certification saying,

"Election fraud experts across the country have agreed that this was a fraudulent election. Even the Secretary of State himself was forced to stop fraudulent and intimidating advertisements from an organization known as Highway 31, predominantly funded by the Democratic Senate Majority PAC.

"I've had to fight not only the Democrats but also the Republican Senate Leadership Fund and over $50 million in opposition spending from the Washington establishment.

"I have stood for the truth about God and the Constitution for the people of Alabama.

"I have no regrets. To God be the glory." - Roy Moore.

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