Preparing your home for freezing weather

(Source: Mya Johnson/WTVM)
(Source: Mya Johnson/WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Although we are in the south and it may not seem as cold as some of our northern states. Experts from Summerland Plumbing and Ace Hardware say homes are already built to resist freezing temperatures.

They shared some ways to protect your home from damages the bitter cold can cause.

For one, protecting your pipes and faucets using covers.

"The pipe insulation we have is really easy to use. They have a seam that goes down the end of it. You just open the seam up, wrap it around the pipe and that protects it from the wind." said Seth Johnson owner of Ace Hardware on St. Mary's Road.

Simply turning your faucets on in each bathroom and kitchen and leaving a little drip overnight will help prevent pipes from bursting.

"That will keep the water flowing through there and that will keep the pipes from bursting inside the walls," said Johnson.

A few things to also keep in mind are:

  • Leave your heat at a low temperature setting to keep the pipes and walls warm.
  • If your hot water heater is in your garage or outside storage unit, keep those doors closed to insulate as much warmth as possible.
  • Turn your sprinkler systems completely off and let the water drain all the way out.
  • If you have exterior pipes, open your cabinets to let some heat into the walls.

All of the listed preventative measures are very inexpensive. The pipe and faucet covers may cost you about $2 to $5 each. That's the least you can do versus spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on damages.

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