Sunday alcohol sales could start earlier in Auburn and Opelika

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Right now alcohol is served on Sundays starting at noon in Auburn and Opelika.

However, the city council in both cities is working towards a resolution asking state officials to propose legislation to allow Auburn and Opelika city councils to determine when alcohol can be sold on Sunday.

Legislation that was passed in the last years allows cities to have a public vote on whether or not to change the alcohol sales time.

The growing popularity of brunch has contributed to the need for this change according to city leaders.

"Brunch has become very popular in Auburn and Opelika and those people coming to brunch want to have an alcoholic beverage," Auburn City Manager Jim Buston said.

Buston says that businesses and restaurants came to the city asking that something is done before a public November election because they're losing out on a lot of cash.

"They're saying we are losing a lot of economic input because of that two-hour segment between 10 and 12 o'clock when it's not being served," Buston said.

Local brunch goers see the need for an earlier time.

"I know that we've eaten brunch down here especially at Tacorita, it's one of our favorite places to go even on holidays and stuff when students are out. I think it will bring in more business and help a lot," one local Auburn woman said.

Some people think the booze can wait until the afternoon.

"I think while church is going on especially in the early morning worship services and after they get off and things of that nature, I think it would be nice if they hold off until afternoon and just have it in the afternoon," one local Auburn man said.

Both city councils in Auburn and Opelika are presenting resolutions tonight at their meetings. Council hopes to present those to legislators this month at the legislative session, according to Buston.

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