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Water leak turns dangerous at Jack Rabbit BP in Homewood

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An annoying water leak became dangerous this week at a Homewood gas station and convenience store.

"I can't afford a fuel leak or a dead customer," Andrea May, Manager at Jack Rabbit BP in Homewood said.

Fears for customer safety jumped this week at Jack Rabbit BP. The management put up a caution tape trying to warn customers about ice forming on their property near the gas pumps.

"Our concern now is some of our customers are going to slip on the ice [and] hurt themselves. Someone will pull into the parking lot and hit ice and accidentally hit one of our pumps. If a pump explodes we will have a real problem in Homewood," May said.

The leak seems to start out on the street at 18th Place South. Ice has been forming on the roadway, creating a hazard to some drivers who may not realize there is a danger.

"People turn off of 280 or Rosedale and will head down this way. They don't expect to see ice. So when they are doing the speed limit, they hit that patch of ice and their back ends are sliding," May continued.

May said the company notified the Birmingham Water Works Board in late September about the leak. A work crew showed up in November and then again Wednesday after we contacted them.

Late afternoon utility crews marked the area in preparation of fixing the leak.

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