Fans react to ticket price of Georgia-Alabama National Championship game

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Many people are gearing up for the National Championship game between Alabama and Georgia, but they aren't so excited about the $2,400 price of tickets to actually attend.

"That is insane. If I had the money maybe, but unfortunately I'm just a working class person so I can't really swing that right now. But I will be watching the game from a friends house to enjoy the experience of that," said Terrence Bennefield.

One ticket provider says the demand for this game has definitely surpassed the supply of tickets and that's why they are so expensive.

"This is a closed event, which is an event that doesn't go on sale to the general public. So when you get those you automatically have a shortage because there are so many more people that want to go than there are tickets available," explained Gerald Christian, who is a ticket provider."

According to one of the ticket providers, one person bought ten tickets for more than $100,000. It's definitely a true display of commitment to watch these teams play, but some residents say they'll be watching at home because it's a bit much.

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