Columbus Regional hosts decontamination training for hospital's first receivers

(Source: Jeremy Hayes/WTVM)
(Source: Jeremy Hayes/WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus Regional Health hosted a decontamination training to prepare the hospital's first receivers for patients who could be contaminated with toxins and poisons.

Nurses received a hands-on walk through demonstration with instructions.

"You don't want a patient to enter your hospital with a contaminate on them. That's happened around the world several times. So, you want to have the patient with anything that's contaminated on them done out on the parking lot, that way you can protect your staff and others," said Daryl Feagins, director of environmental services at Columbus Regional.

The opening of the brand-new emergency room at Northside Medical Center in April amplifies the importance of Columbus Regional Health maintaining a strong decontamination program.

By taking the course, the staff is more than adequately prepared to handle cases of hazmat emergencies.

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